HFM Independent Brokers was registered in 2015. Since then, we have made it our mission to provide a truly independent and unbiased financial product offering backed by experienced financial advice, to both private and corporate clients.


Today we are a well-known and trusted independent brokerage. Our ability to provide both private and corporate clients with a complete Financial Portfolio Road Map has earned us a reputation for holistic and expert care. Our value proposition of providing guidance, educating and facilitating the building of a financial portfolio gives us a competitive edge in earning our clients’ trust and building a life-long business relationship.


We are a multi-dimensional company, wholly focused on meeting the needs of our clients. Our value proposition means that we assist them to adapt their portfolio to their changing needs as time and circumstances dictate. Our vision is to provide more than just a financial service to both our individual and corporate clients; we aim to become a full-service, life-long business partner through expanding our solution-based approach to legal, tax and marketing-focused services, to name a few.


Our Services

HFM Investment Brokers in Centurion


Tell us what you need.  Creating an insurance, healthcare or investment portfolio for private and corporate clients starts with a Needs Analysis, which forms the basis from which underwriting decisions are made by a Financial Services Provider. It is the first step in your application process and the foundation building block on which we can get to know you and guide you to the best solution for your needs.  We will provide a quote based on the correct information obtained during your Needs Analysis, which will give you the confidence and certainty that your possible future claims will be valid and therefore be honoured. Click on the button below to start the process.



Policy maintenance is where we build relationships with our private and corporate clients. Providing peace of mind means being there for every step you take during the journey of building your portfolio. Simple and small changes sometimes have a big effect and we are there to provide the correct guidance, education and advice during this process.  Click on the button below and let us know how we can strengthen your portfolio.




Claiming against a policy should be a hassle-free process. This is where we as a team focus on quick turnaround times, consistent follow-up communication and exceeding your expectations. Click to start your claim process below.




Jacques Botes

Jacques Botes

Managing Director


I love what I do. Seeing my clients protected in every way gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I enjoy seeing how their lives change from year to year. I walk those journeys with them… To me, broker for life is not just a slogan but a personal mantra.

Cell: 082 702 1581



Executive Assistant


Claiming is when you realize the importance of insurance. Making life easier and helping clients is my true passion. Steamlining and finalizing the claim quickly and efficiently as possible is my “motto”.

Cell: +27 61 564 2409

Madeleine Venter

Madeleine Venter

Underwriting Director

As an independent professional, I shoulder a number of responsibilities. It is of the utmost importance to have a positive attitude. I acknowledge that all my clients are individuals and therefore I live by this motto: ‘Put yourself in the clients shoes and act accordingly’. I always go the extra mile and endeavor to make all clients feel as the most important one. I strive to go above and beyond in all I do and thus showing my clients how much I appreciate them as individuals. My credo is to under promise and over deliver as this is the key to excellent customer service. The endgame is not to gain a client but to foster and maintain a relationship for life.

+27 74 474 0533

Milena Hill

Milena Hill

Financial Portfolio Manager

My clients are like family. Each client deserves unbiased, expert advice and professional assistance. I am proud of my commitment to making sure every client receives peace of mind and value for money with their policies. Through this relationship based on trust and mutual respect, we are proud to be “Your Broker for Life”

Cell: +27 82 559 1223

Yolandé Vermeulen

Yolandé Vermeulen

Underwriting Assistant

I am proud to be part of HFM’s team where we work with a professional, positive, and helpful attitude, dedication to our colleagues and clients.

I am a professional Businesswomen and strive to perfection with passion for excellence and exceptional service, personal touch and product knowledge. I believe in loyalty, honesty, respect, and commitment. Focusing on meeting my clients needs.  I always provide my clients with honest, reliable, unbiased, and personal service. I will always treat my clients like I would like to be treated.

Our mission is to be ‘Your broker for life’ and we can’t achieve that unless you trust us to do our absolute best.” We are here, for you, in the long run. For every insurance decision you need to make, I offer at most, personalized attention and I’m here to fight for you when the need arises to ensure that your cover is never insurance in name only.”

Cell: +27 68 551 3163

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