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Choosing a medical aid is one of the first and most important choices our clients can make. Our role during this journey is paramount, since we help our clients choose the correct medical aid plan based on their individual or family needs. The correct medical aid plan can change a client’s life, in times where life-changing events catch them off-guard.


We strongly advise our clients to supplement their medical aid with gap cover as it is a low-cost-high-value insurance product that provides cover in the event that their medical aid doesn’t cover all costs for a hospital procedure or emergency surgery.


We aim to partner with companies who understand the importance of employee wellbeing. We understand that the components of employee healthcare assistance programmes are intuitive, which is why we ensure that we provide a fully integrated approach, from screening and identifying risks on an ongoing basis, to proactive, tailored and relevant interventions and insightful reporting for both the employee and employer.


It’s important to understand that hospital insurance is not a medical aid, but rather provides our clients with cash benefits depending on the number of days they are in hospital due to illness or an accident. Our clients are able to use the money however they please, to cover their medical expenses or daily household costs. Hospital insurance pays money directly to our clients and they have to pay the hospital, doctors and specialists. Hospital insurance does not cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). Hospital Insurance may include personal accident risk cover such as disability and loss of limbs, inability to work, salary protection, death and/or funeral covers. This cover should be used in conjunction with a medical aid as income replacement, rather than medical aid cover. Note that hospital insurance is also not tax-deductible.

Why Choose HFM as you Medical Broker?

We know that when designing a Private or Corporate Healthcare Portfolio you require unbiased advice, comprehensive comparisons as well as experienced product knowledge. We have therefore also partnered with the top-rated healthcare companies in South Africa to ensure the quality of the healthcare options we provide meets the needs of every client.

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